Solid Waste & Production Water Disposal Facilities

Drilling & Completions, Water Disposal, Evaporation & E&P Solid Material Landfills

Strategically Located Water Facilities

DHI offers a crucial service to E&P companies by storing produced water from well sites to our disposal facilities. During a frack operation, E&P companies generate a great deal of “produced water”, or oil-infused water, that is a by-product of oil and gas drilling and fracking activities.

At the disposal facilities, DHI receives flow-back water and produced water. This effluent is subjected to a multi-stage treatment process that separates hydrocarbons and sediments from the water. The hydrocarbons are recovered and returned to the production value chain on the commercial market, while the remaining water is introduced back into the environment through evaporation free of contaminants.

Drilling and Completion Solid Waste Management

DHI runs several land fills for E&P waste. These facilities are permitted to receive general oil and gas exploration and production waste.

These facilities are managed to minimize emissions into the environment and dispose of these by-products in a clean and environmentally friendly manor.


All located facilities are in the Rocky Mountain region.

DHI has water sources for oil and gas companies to use in drilling and completion operations. These are located in Utah close to where the Green River and White River merge and in Piceance Creek, Colorado

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Disposal facility locations in Utah and Colorado. DHI has the highest combined capacity in the region and also has water sources strategically positioned in Utah and Colorado.