DHI Energy Service provides a range of equipment solutions and environmental services focused on water management. With one of the largest storage tank fleets in the United States, DHI offers services in 12 states.

DHI takes pride in putting the customers needs first and focusing on innovative engineered solutions that provide cost savings, safety enhancements, operational efficiency and solving customer issues with technology and know-how built on decades of experience.

DHI Companies

DHI is the abbreviations of Dalbo Holdings, Inc.

Dalbo Holdings, Inc. is the parent holding company of the following operating companies.

  • Dalbo, Inc.


  • RN Industries, Inc

  • RNI Trucking Inc.

DHI operates different branches by service line and geographic region of the business through the above listed subsidiary entities and uses “DHI Energy Service”as a brand bane used regardless of which entity is operating. DHI’s contracts and Service Agreements may be with any of the entities listed above.

DHI’s of service are:

Water Management

Supply of customized process equipment designed to solve the specific function. Water management services focused on efficiently and reliable moving water from point to point at extreme flow rates and providing the equipment that enables versatile operations and servicing throughout the project.

Environmental Services, operating several facilities that handle the treatment and environmentally friendly disposal of oilfield waste by product in a series of land farms, land fills and water evaporation ponds.

Standard Storage Tank Rentals

The DHI Tank fleet is maintained to ensure readiness to serve customers at short notice. DHI has a fleet of heavy haul trucks able to deploy tanks at short notice and provides the field support for the rig up of the tanks on location. Tank servicing and cleaning is provided as part of the service scope to make the process simple from start to finish. The fleet consists of various models of tanks to suit the needs of customers.

Customized Process Equipment

DHI has a variety of tanks designed for specialty services:

Acid Tanks: The acid tank fleet are specially lined tanks with coatings that can comfortably tolerate HCl acid mixtures up to 25% concentration. All components on these tanks are acid tolerant.

Chemical mixing and reaction tanks: that provide a simple but very effective way to blend chemicals and / or permit a controlled reaction retention system. Application examples are scavenger reaction tanks, chemical reactors, coagulant tanks, floc tanks.

Oil Skimmer Tanks: Based on the simple physics of hydro statics these tanks will separate oil from water with no instrumentation devices required.

Environmental Services

DHI owns and operates a series of water and solids disposal facilities that handle oilfield waste. DHI has several land fills and water evaporation facilities. These highly regulated facilities operate under state and federal guidelines and regulations.