Acid Holding Tanks

Data Sheet PDF download

Data Sheet PDF download

Product Description

Chemical storage tank that is capable of holding acids and bases from pH 0 to 14

The tank is 1.25 inch thick Polyethylene vessel with 440 bbl.’s capacity.

The tank is housed inside a steel housing providing resistance to the rigors of work site activity and functions as secondary containment.


Material properties are completely compatible with highly corrosive products such as concentrated acids or bases.

  • Leak free rest assured.

  • Impact resistant

  • UV resistant

  • Weatherability

  • Recyclable

Product Specifications

  • Tank Material: Polyethylene inside Steel Housing

  • Tank well thickness: 1.25” on sides 1.75” bulkheads.

  • Tank Housing: Steel

  • Footprint: 45’ x 8’6” x 9’6″

  • Inlet/Outlets: 3 x 4” 150# Flange connection

  • Manway: 2 x 20” roof access for service work

  • Level indication: Front indicator

  • Temperature: Up to 180°F