Large Bore Flare System


The DHI portable flare stack is designed to minimize back pressure on storage tanks and other low-pressure vessels.

This is achieved by large diameter piping and low differential pressure devices.

The flare stands erected at 55 ft in the standard form and may have extensions added to a maximum of 66 ft.

The includes 10” 222 ft of flare on adjustable stands permitting control of the gradient of the line preventing fluid collection in the flare line

DHI’s new flare system with wide boar flow-line and 10” ID flare stack is designed to permit low pressure storage tanks vent gas to combustion safely minimizing back pressure on the tank battery.

Example: Tank back pressures at 8 oz/ flowing approximately 4.4 MMSCF



  • Flaring gas and vapors from production operations.

  • High volumes gas flaring rates

  • Very low back pressure scenarios.


  • Permits venting and combustion of vapors and gases from low pressure storage tanks.

  • Can handle large flow rates and intermittent high and low flowrates

  • Occupies less space with no need for long extended stabilizers

  • Vertical flame arrestor prevents liquid build up

  • Quad Zero compliant


  • Easily Portable

  • Includes large diameter flare lines

  • Hydraulic elevation.

  • Continuous pilot

  • Ignition monitoring

  • Auto ignition & Remote Control

  • Natural Gas or Propane pilot gas

  • 100 MPH wind resistant

  • Solar powered ignition and control


The heat radiation given off by burning flare stacks must be managed to keep the working area on location safe in accordance with industry standards. The adjacent chart shows heat radiation at ground levels at various flare flow rates.

heat rad 2.PNG
heat rad chart.jpg

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