Engineered Solutions

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Temporary Production Facilities.

Scale-able and modular temporary production solutions that can produce oil and gas with high water content and solid handling capacity while operating in an emissions minimization focus.

Gas is captured for recovery or thermal oxidation. Storage tanks are sealed and vented to the appropriate system.

DHI engineers the process to fit the design needs.

Vapor Tight Tank Systems

With DHi’s Vapor Tight tank system the vapors and gas emissions from the flow-back system can reduce emissions considerably.

See the calculator adjacent to estimate the gas normally cold vented from the flow-back tanks.

DHI’s Vapor Tight system captures the gas and vapors that are then diverted to a flare or combustion system. The efficient burning of tank vapors reduces greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 25 for pure Methane and up to 85 for a typical secondary gas stream from flow back tanks. API Compendium of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Methodologies for the oil and natural gas industry 2009

See estimation calculator adjacent.

Engineering Tools