Hose Quality

DHI uses top quality Hammerhead hose made in the EU, built to last and minimize failers.

Poor Quality Hose Issues:

Elongation: occurs when the inner fabric (jacket) is not woven optimally to minimize elongation. A properly woven hose jacket should elongate no more than 2%. Cheap hoses often elongate by as much as 12% at working pressure; this causes severe snaking. Snaking across an abrasive surface can tear the outer coating. Severe snaking can push hose onto a road or to roll down a hill. Elongation is relaxed after pressure is released.

Expansion: all lay flat hose will expand some when the hose is pressured up. Extreme expansion occurs when inner fabric is not woven optimally. The fabric weave is what gives the hose it’s strength and it is also what prevents the hose from elongating and expanding. Too much hose expansion makes it hard to pig a line effectively and it also puts too much stress on the hose where they meet couplings, which can damage the hose.

Burst at low pressures: There are no standards for lay flat hose larger than 6” diameter. It is common for manufacturers to claim working pressures of 200 psi even if their burst pressures are not much higher than the claimed working pressure. Pressure testing has proven several manufacturers hose to burst with too little margin for safety.