Oil Skim Tanks


DHI’s vertical skimmer tanks are designed for production water oil removal. The tanks have internal piping and weir systems that capture free oil in the water and collect for recovery and discharge to oil storage and treatment.

The solution provides a dual benefit by cleaning the water removing 99.9% of all free oil and most emulsions as well as delivering that same oil for revenue recovery.

Application for these tanks is production water treatment. Use at water recycle and disposal facilities and temporary production facilities.

The tanks are portable easily deployed and are equipped with flame arresting devices, pressure and vacuum relief devices. The tanks may be piped into vapor recovery or VOC capture equipment for emission reduction.

Features include:

  • Elevated water outlet weir

  • Oil trap

  • Full length sight glass with level splits to permit accurate gauging of oil water interface.

  • A fill line which can double as a vapor recovery line.

  • Heat coils for use when applicable.

  • Multiple drain ports

  • Man-way for cleaning and inspection 22”

  • Level switch ports 4” 150

  • Skid mounted

  • Footprint on site is 12’ x 13’

  • Weight 12,900 lbs

Gun Barrel Skim Tank

Gun Barrel Skim Tank