New Product: The Sand Tiger

Sand Tiger

Sand Tiger

The DHI Sand Tiger removes sand from flow-back fluid cleanly.

The equipment receives high velocity flow-back fluids carrying sand, drilling and completion debris along with large volumes of completion fluids and formation fluids. The equipment uses parallel hydro cyclone gas diffusion systems that enhance the separation of heavy particles at the point of discharge into the system.

Gasses and vapors can be captured from the hydro cyclones to be diverted to vapor recovery or disposal systems.

Liquids are transferred through the system allowing for oil and water separation in the process if any hydrocarbons are recovered during the flow-back.

Sand is removed from the fluids by very heavy duty drag chain technology that pulls sand out of the system at rates up to 1,000,000 lbs per day. The chain system is over engineered to prevent any overburden situation stalling the system and is engineered to manage a pull tension up to 25,000 lbs

The Sand Tiger can be run in tandem with DHI oil skimmers and reactor tanks for chemical dosing to further enhance the re-use of flow-back water.